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"It may help you to know that Nonviolent Communication grew from my attempt to understand the concept of love and how to manifest it. I had come to the conclusion that love is not just something we feel, but something we manifest, something we give. 

It’s a gift when you reveal yourself nakedly and honestly, at any given moment, for no other purpose than to reveal what’s alive in you. To me, that giving is a manifestation of love.

It’s a gift when we try to hear what is alive in the other person and what that person would like. 

So, Nonviolent Communication is just a manifestation of what I understand love to be. 

Nonviolent Communication helps me stay connected with that beautiful Divine Energy within myself and to connect with it in others. It’s the closest thing to 'love' I’ve ever experienced." 

~ Dr. Marshall B. Rosenberg


Learning NVC is learning to:


• Build relationships based on compassion, connection and choice


• Accurately understand other people's feelings and needs


• Be assertive and open at the same time


• Break patterns of thinking that lead to anger and depression


• Dissolve the fear of rejection


• Cope with demands without giving in or becoming defensive


• Encourage the reconnecting process of repair when ruptures in relationships happen


As a practice, Nonviolent Communication:


• Facilitates the flow of communication needed to guide the conversation toward synergistic solutions


• Focuses on shared human values and needs


• Transforms potential conflicts into peaceful dialogues


• Encourages the use of language that increases good will, and compassion for ourselves and others


• Empowers to know where to go from “NO”

• Provides an alternative to language that contributes to fear, guilt and shame, and therefore resentment or lowered self-esteem​

Some of NVC’s Contributions at a Glance:


• Non-judgmental approach that fosters unconditional love for self and others


• Deeply rooted in spiritual and social change traditions


• Sustains the radical shift in consciousness needed for transforming the existing domination paradigm instead of making superficial changes


• Recognizes the social context of healing and transformation and encourages community building, not just individual skill-building


• Aligned with latest brain research and parenting strategies that encourage early attachment and bonding, and extends them beyond infancy

The Parenting Peer Leadership Program

The PPLP is a nine-month leadership training program aimed at nurturing and developing leaders who are committed to spreading and sharing NVC to parents in their communities, around the world, especially in those regions where there are no NVC trainers. 


"Mindfulness means paying attention on purpose, in the present moment, without judgment. 

It certainly implies developing and refining a way of becoming more intimate with one’s own experience through systematic self-observation. This included intentionally suspending the impulse to characterize, evaluate, and judge what one is experiencing. Doing so affords multiple opportunities to move beyond the well-known grooves of our highly conditioned and largely habitual and un-examined thought processes and emotional reactivity."

~ Jon Kabat-Zinn, Ph.D.


The Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, developed by Dr. Jon Kabat-Zinn, is an eight week program that helps train the mind and the body to become more stable and insightful, thereby increasing optimal functioning, well-being and happiness. 


MBSR systematically teaches mindfulness practices and therapeutic yoga to help reduce stress, increase well-being, and support health, healing and personal growth. The program brings meditation and yoga together so that the virtues of both can be experienced simultaneously.


Mindfulness practice is ideal for cultivating greater awareness of the unity of mind and body, as well as of the ways the unconscious thoughts, feelings, and behaviors can undermine emotional, physical, and spiritual health. Mindfulness integrates various modern sciences, including medicine and psychology, with the core of the world’s meditative and wisdom traditions.


Several clinical research studies have demonstrated how this secular, scientific, evidence-based practice of mindfulness practices can: 


• Reduce stress hormones and inflammation • Reduce anxiety, depression, rumination and emotional reactivity • Increase your ability to manage chronic pain • Increase cognitive functioning, creativity, insight and mental clarity • Increase emotional intelligence and resilience • Boost your immune system to help fight off colds, flu and other diseases • Increase serotonin levels, supporting positive mood, better sleep and digestion.

PROGRAM DESCRIPTION: This MBSR course supports learning
and integrating skills that enhance our ability to: Take care of
our own body and mind and enhance a sense of well-being;
cope with stress, pain, illness, and the challenges of everyday life;
deal with distressing events, such as grief and loss, with grace
and a sense of inner balance ; be fully present and alive as to enjoy
life as it unfolds moment by moment; be connected to yourself and others.


PROGRAM COMPONENTS: Systematic guided instruction in mindfulness meditation practices; gentle therapeutic yoga; group dialogue to support self-understanding and enhance awareness in everyday life; individually tailored instruction; group reflection and activities; daily home assignments; guided audio files for home practice and a workbook. .


COURSE OUTLINE: as described by The Center for Mindfulness in Medicine Heath Care and Society

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