The Sanctuary 4 Parents
Where Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness, Self-Compassion and Practical Brainscience 
Inform and Support our Parenting Journey

Stephanie offers parenting/attachment phone counseling, based on Nonviolent Communication, practical neuroscience and love-based parenting. 
Parenting With Interdependence in Mind 

In this telecourse Stephanie shares what neuroscience has to tell us about interdependence and interpersonal integration. She discusses some key concepts of human behavior, and inquires what actually prevents us from living in an awareness of interdependence. 

Stephanie shares some science-based strategies to find our way back into self-regulation as to empower ourselves to capitalize on the influence of neurological interdependence in living and guiding our children.
Mediating Conflict with Kids

In this stimulating audio recording, Stephanie covers several "hot" parenting topics such as: boundary issues, strategy resilience, how to shift your right/wrong mentality and understanding the concept of fairness in your parenting role. While unraveling these topics, Stephanie intersperses some practical neuroscience around brain regulation, interactive regulation and brain-wise conflict prevention.
Bringing Peace to Kids in Conflict

Listen to Stephanie’s classes, co-lead with CNVC certified trainer John Kinyon, offered through the NVC Multimedia Library of the NVC Academy and learn to: 

Understand and modulate your emotions (self-regulation)
Recognize when children are emotionally triggered 
Compassionately intervene before the fight/flight/freeze response overwhelms them
Shift from right/wrong mentality: recognize that the ability to relate to others is linked to stress levels 
Manage your own inner conflict when you are emotionally triggered by children’s behavior
Efficiently mediate conflict between children, and between children and other adults 

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A Path With Heart

In this lively interview Stephanie shares about her parenting journey, the evolution of parenting, and some basic practical brain science. Stephanie also lays out clearly why she believes conscious parenting is one of the most potentially powerful positive social change strategies.
Follow the link above. By clicking on the speakers' name under their picture, you can access some interviews Stephanie did with about their work in parenting. 

I am filled with overflowing gratitude for the many one-on-one mentoring sessions Stephanie has so generously shared with me. She accepts and meets me where I am in my learning, living and sharing of compassionate communication. Through her gentle companionship I can relax and share my insecurities and, as result of our mutual sharing and reflection, she has helped me fill in gaps and seek opportunities to grow and learn. Stephanie is a wise and trusted teacher whom I look up to and aspire to emulate. She embodies for me a deep level of compassion, care, and integrity. I am continuously inspired by her open-hearted living, her profound listening and her unending appreciation for human interconnectedness.                                         Susan J.