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Stephanie Bachmann Mattei 
Stephanie was born and raised in Florence, Italy, where she earned her Bachelor in Languages and a Ph.D. in Philosophy. Stephanie moved to the USA in 1993, when she married her beloved husband, who is also from Italy. Together they are parenting their three self-educated children (biological and adopted). 

Stephanie’s core intertwined themes in life are: spirituality, parenting, healing and transformation.

Stephanie is a Certified Trainer and Assessor with the Center for Nonviolent Communication as well as a Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction - MBSR Qualified Teacher and a certified Yoga Teacher. 

Stephanie is passionate to share her understanding of NVC as a process to empower oneself and others to celebrate the humanity in one’s own being, and to encounter the humanity in the other person. NVC offers transformational processes to support the journey from human to humane by providing clear tools for healing and reconciliation of warring parts within our psyche, for emerging into our wholeness, for consistently re-connecting with our authenticity, and for practicing the gift of mindful and compassionate presence for ourselves and others.

MBSR offers a path of personal inquiry and specific mindfulness practices that support self-empowerment by: reducing reactivity, increasing well-being and aliveness and by learning new ways to relate to ourselves, others and life.  By learning to cultivate the intrinsic natural human capacity of mindfulness we proactively respond to needs for self-mattering, self-care and self-responsibility.

​Parenting is one of Stephanie’s niches. Parenting, being a major way of transmitting our unconscious wounds as well as our conditioning to social and cultural blueprints, becomes a powerful and far-reaching tool for social transformation. As Gandhi proclaimed: “If we want to change the world we shall start with the children.” 

On the practical level, this led Stephanie to serve for over 10 years as a volunteer leader with La Leche League International, facilitating support group meetings, and consulting with mothers about breast-feeding, parenting and attachment. In 2006, Stephanie graduated from the “Parent Peer Leadership Program” (PPLP) -a program of the Peaceful Families Peaceful World Project of the International Center for Nonviolent Communication and BayNVC. She has been serving in this program as an assistant first and as a co-trainer since 2009. 

Stephanie has also trained with Mindful Schools (K-12 Mindfulness Curriculum Program) to support youth in learning and integrating mindfulness practices. 

Finally, in Stephanie’s experience, parenting inevitably ends up being a call to integrate our unprocessed experiences and to bring healing to ourselves. To that respect, Stephanie loves tying NVC with mindfulness-based neuroscience to support self-understanding, healing and wholeness. 
"Being born a human being does not ensure a child will become humane.

Humans become humane. The capacity to care, to share, to listen, value and be empathic – to be compassionate – develops from being cared for,
shared with, listened to, valued and nurtured.

Humane caregiving expresses our capacity to be humane. Inhumane caregiving can decrease or even destroy this capacity."

~ Dr. Bruce Perry
Personal Philosophy:

Stephanie lives her parenting response-abilities as a call for personal healing, inner growth and social transformation.

Her philosophy is based on a few key elements:

  • Mindful presence is the greatest gift we can give to ourselves and to others  
  • Prioritize connection
  • Healing happens in relationships
  • Everybody’s needs matter equally
  • All actions are attempts to meet needs
  • Interdependence is manifested through the practice of shared power (power with) 
Edwin Rutsch 
interviews Stephanie