Stephanie Bachmann Mattei


-NonViolent Communication-

-Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction-

-Practical Brainscience-

Inform & Support Our Parenting Journey

Parenting is full of paradoxes. 


One moment can be filled with the most rewarding of experiences, and the next may be perceived as one of the most daunting of challenges.


Parenting may be lived as an invitation to bring out the best in ourselves and, in times of stress, it can actually bring out the worst in us. 


One moment we are passionately committed to nurturing our kids, with unconditional love, and the next moment we lose it and soberly experience the conditionality of the human condition.


We want to honor our heartfelt vision about how we want to relate to our children, and at times we feel totally lost and overwhelmed.


Yet, in the end, our life is not about us. We are about Life.